Yikmun Photography

Booking a Shoot

Bookings must be scheduled in writing at least 1 week prior to shooting.

All bookings require a non-refundable down payment of 30% of the total cost of the shoot.

Should a shoot need to be postponed due to weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances, you will be given first priority for the next available date.

Regular Shoots (Including graduation photos, engagement photos etc):

  • 1 Outfit + 5 Retouches (up to 1 hour of shooting): $250.00
  • 3 Outfits + 10 Retouches (up to 2 hours of shooting): $485.00
**Prices do not include hair or makeup. Makeup and hair artists can be provided for an additional charge.

  • Full wedding day services (up to 8 hours) + 10 retouches: $2250.00
  • For couples looking to create wedding photo books from a third party vendor, an $85.00 charge can be added for an online template. (Contact me for more information.)
** Couples booking both engagement and wedding photo packages receive an overall discount of $100 and a free wedding book template (A $185 value).

Prices include:
  • Gas to shoot location(s) of your choice within a 35 mile radius. (For distances greater than 35mi, contact me to discuss.)
  • For all NON-RETOUCHED images:
    • If you bring your own USB key or laptop, you can copy all images taken the day of the shoot free of charge.
    • If you cannot provide a USB key or laptop the day of the shoot but still wish to take all non-retouched photos, an additional charge will apply. ($5.00/700MB CD)
    • Once you have chosen the images you want retouched, they will be completed within 72 hours.
    • Once all photos have been retouched, a secure DropBox™ link will be provided for you to claim your images. If you wish to be mailed a CD instead, CD charges + postage charges will apply.
Additional Fees:
  • $15/additional retouched photo.
  • I do not work out of a studio space. If you want me to arrange a studio space, an additional $50.00/hr booking charge will apply. Should you wish to use the space of your choice, you will need to pay booking fees upfront.